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May's Perfect Party

The exclamation-point-happy edition.

By Catherine Matusow April 28, 2016 Published in the May 2016 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Image: Chris Danger

Our guest of honor this month: Monte Carlo, the German shepherd who recently went back home to his original owners after escaping their garage, landing with another family, and instigating a custody case that went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court—he must be a very good boy! Also on the list: Beth White, the new president and CEO of the Houston Parks Board, who takes over next month, leaving behind a remarkable career developing public spaces in Chicago—welcome!; Yao Ming, the legendary Rocket recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame—congrats!; Jaelynn Walls, the Carnegie Vanguard student whose personal essay won the American Voices Medal in the 2016 Scholastic Art and Writing contest—call us!; Joowon Kim, the co-founder of a new company, OnComfort, Inc., which will use virtual reality to help reduce anxiety and pain in cancer patients—brilliant!; Waleed Abushaaban, the 12-year-old honor student at First Colony Middle School, whose English teacher allegedly called him a terrorist—siiiiiiiiigh!; David Pursell, the managing director of Tudor Picker Holt, who recently told the Chron, “I’m the guy that’s saying $80 oil by the end of the year”—bold!; and Don Smith, the area vice president of Waste Management, the company that played hardball with the city in negotiating our new recycling contract, who, rest assured, will be leaving our perfect little party with all our empty wine bottles—snap!

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