Escaped Converts: Adam Doster

Our occasional check-in with the flood of recent arrivals—poor, huddled and yearning to clog our freeways.

By Marianella Orlando May 31, 2016 Published in the June 2016 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Convert: Adam Doster

Former Religion: Chicago, Ill.

Occupation: Associate Editor, Houstonia magazine

Distance traveled: 1,083 miles

Date of conversion: February 28, with Astros fandom taking root soon thereafter. “I love that you can get cheap Astros tickets. I’m going to a game tomorrow night, actually.”

First impression: We do trucks differently in Texas. Exhibit A: his neighbor’s ride. “There’s this humongous truck that’s on lifts in my driveway. It looks like a monster truck, like it’s going to eat my car.”

Biggest surprise: The skyline. “You get cool views from unexpected places, like when you’re at Buffalo Bayou Park or coming off the bend on some expressway, and it sort of jumps out at you.”

Scene of Tex-Mex indoctrination: Teotihuacan Mexican Café. “I’m not used to how big the portions are. It’s way more food than I was prepared to eat.”

Arriving misconceptions: There would be a lot of “swaggering cowboys” with big “Texas belt buckles.”

One place like home: Brazos Bookstore, which reminds him of his favorite Chicago haunt, Unabridged Bookstore.

Most beautiful spot in the city (so far): The Rice campus.

On Houston chit-chat: “The first few weeks I was here, every conversation that I had, almost categorically, turned to the weather, and specifically the humidity in the summer.”

Best advice for new arrivals: Get an apartment with central air.

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