Past 5 lvgyk4

Houston has always had lots of swimming pools to cool off its residents, bathing beauties or otherwise.

Past 1 kvvmwd

Some of Houston’s earliest instances of air conditioning were found in theaters like the Majestic Theatre downtown.

Past 4 ozklfl

Bikers and neighborhood residents enjoy a cold one at the West Alabama Ice House circa 1981.

Past 6 hparzt

Malls like the Galleria have offered respite from the Houston heat for decades, and the odd juxtaposition of ice skating in summer.

Past 3 qbkzev

In 1983, Water World opened next to Astroworld, putting a beach in Houston’s backyard.

Past 2 durimb

In the aftermath of 1983’s Hurricane Alicia. Houstonians trying to preserve food stores swarmed places like Sparkle Ice on North Shepherd.

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