Tax Day Is Tuesday!

Where to File Your Taxes for Free This Year

United Way of Greater Houston and BakerRipley are helping families and individuals who earn up to $58,000 save some cash.

By Amber Tong April 14, 2017

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If you’re one of those procrastinators who still hasn’t filed their taxes, no need to panic. You can actually save some cash this year all while meeting Tuesday’s Tax Day deadline.

Thanks to United Way of Greater Houston and BakerRipley (formerly Neighborhood Centers), free tax preparation services are available at 12 locations in Greater Houston, including the Southwest, Central, West and North sides of town, for families and individuals earning up to $58,000.

At each center, clients receive assistance from IRS-certified preparers, ranging from tax refund to extension requests. In addition to taxes for the 2016 year, volunteers may help on prior returns and amendments as far back as five years ago—in March, the IRS reported more than $1 billion in unclaimed refunds for the 2013 tax year.

“Our free tax preparation services are intended to increase family financial stability and enable hardworking families to use their entire tax refund for important things like paying for basic needs, covering their children’s school expenses or saving for a rainy day,” said BakerRipley program director Jose Perez in a press release.

Thanks to more than 300 volunteers, Spanish is spoken at all locations, while Chinese and Vietnamese are offered at select sites. American Sign Language interpretation is also available upon request.

Below, each of this year's tax prep locations, broken down by neighborhood:


  • Ripley House Neighborhood Center, 4410 Navigation Blvd., open Monday through Friday 9-7 and Saturday 9-3
  • Lakewood Church, 3700 Southwest Fwy., open Tuesday 6-8; closed April 15

Clear Lake

  • United Way Bay Area Service Center, 1300 Bay Area Blvd., open Monday and Tuesday 11-7 and Saturday 10-1

Fort Bend

  • United Way Fort Bend Service Center, 12300 Parc Crest Dr., Stafford, open Monday and Tuesday 10-7 and Saturday 9-2


  • Acres Homes Multi-Service Center, 6719 W. Montgomery, open Monday and Tuesday 10-7, Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-2
  • Aldine Branch Library, 11331 Airline Dr., open Monday 10-7 and Tuesday 10-6; closed April 14 and 15
  • Aldine ISD Resource Center/ Tax Office, 14909 Aldine Westfield, open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 11-7; closed April 14 and 15


  • Cleveland-Ripley Neighborhood Center, 720 Fairmont Pkwy., open Monday through Friday 9-7 and Saturday 9-4 

Spring Branch

  • Memorial Assistance Ministries, 1625 Blalock Rd., open Monday through Friday 1-7 and Saturday 9-3; closed April 16


  • Sunnyside Multi-Service Center, 4605 Wilmington St., open Monday through Friday 9-5


  • Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center, 6500 Rookin, open Monday through Friday 9-7 and Saturday 9-4


  • Chinese Community Center, 9800 Town Park Dr., open Monday 1-5 and Saturday 12:30-5
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