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The View from Market Square Tower's Pool Will Totally Freak You Out

This is what looking down 42 stories feels like.

By Sarah Rufca Nielsen April 7, 2017

Not since The Dress has an internet visual so divided the Houstonia office. A video posted on Thursday by Market Square Tower, the new luxury residential tower in downtown Houston, shows the feet of someone standing in the rooftop pool, walking to the edge, and then appearing to walk out over the edge of the building, the floor of the pool giving way to a view straight down 42 floors over Preston Street below.

Are you still there? Calm down. It's okay. Everyone's okay. Look down—see? There's the ground. We'll give you a minute. Here are the specs on the pool, for those that have not been following the fast-moving downtown real estate scene, per The Chron's Darla Guillen:

The new apartment building features a swimming pool, dubbed the "sky pool," which extends 10 feet beyond the side of the building. The pool has an 8-inch-thick plexiglass floor that allows swimmers to look directly down 40 stories — or 500 feet — onto Preston street. The dramatic view is almost as impressive from the ground level, where a look up shows the cantilevered pool bottom. 

While everyone on the Houstonia staff agrees this video is totally crazy and made our stomachs drop, the newsroom is divided on whether it makes us want to find a way to experience this pool as soon as possible or run away and never speak of such a thing again.

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