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Perfect Party: Of-Beans-and-Basketball-Edition

Anish Kapoor gets the seat of honor for reigniting the great Bayou vs. Windy City debate.

By Catherine Matusow April 24, 2018 Published in the May 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Dear readers: About the city’s new bean sculpture at the MFAH, we at Perfect Party HQ cannot let the recent kerfuffle over the work pass without comment. In fact, we are contractually obliged to touch on all squabbles between the Bayou and Windy Cities—in regards to whose bean is supreme, population size, and any other matters—however ridiculous they may be. Therefore, artist Anish Kapoor goes straight in the seat of honor, where he will explain, once and for all, that more than one major American city can and should display his beans. Moving on. We’re also inviting Francesca Fuchs, Art League Houston’s supercool 2018 Artist of the Year, whose deeply personal paintings explore themes like motherhood and friendship; Michael Brown, the Lamar High School student who made headlines nationwide after applying to 20 excellent universities and receiving full scholarship offers to each; Christine Ha, aka the Blind Cook, who’s opening a new restaurant called the Blind Goat inside downtown’s forthcoming Bravery Chef Hall, per the Chron; and Daze Suave, the 23-year-old local designer whose sweat suits and messenger bags lately have been spotted on NBA players and rappers alike. Finally, Rockets GM Daryl Morey, too, is getting an invite. As we type this, his team has made, and appears poised to dominate, the playoffs. But we don’t want to jinx anything, so we’ll just say that whatever happens, Small Ball, the terrific basketball musical Morey commissioned for Catastrophic Theatre, runs through May 13.

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