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You Can Get a Free Lyft Ride on Cinco De Mayo

A new initiative aims to reduce drunk driving, starting on May 5.

By Gwendolyn Knapp May 4, 2018

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Wondering whether you should venture out into the agave-based nightmare that will transpire at every local watering hole in America tomorrow? Consider this:  The rideshare app Lyft is offering free rides to Texans on Cinco de Mayo. So, yes, tequila can be your friend after all. 

The promotion is part of the company's brand new Sober Rides TX initiative, which it launches tomorrow with a cool $50,000 worth of free rides in an effort to reduce drunk driving in the state. You can claim a ride (up to $10) on Cinco de Mayo here.

According to Kevin Lawrence, executive director of the Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas currently leads the nation in traffic fatalities, with alcohol impaired drivers contributing to 44 percent of deaths. For more information on Lyft's Sober Rides TX program, head  here

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