Perfect Party

October's Perfect Party: Everyone-Loves-Snoop Edition

Snoop Dogg's musical is coming to the Hobby Center, so of course he's invited to our party.

By Catherine Matusow September 21, 2018 Published in the October 2018 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Snoop Dogg is making his theater debut in the traveling extravaganza known as Redemption of a Dogg (Oct 5–7 at Hobby Center), and it looks incredible. “This ain’t no Broadway musical!” the preview crows. “It’s a SNOOPSICAL!” He’s coming to our party, obvs, and you know who we think he’ll charm the pants off? Laura Bush, who’s also scored an invite, for serving as keynote speaker for this month’s Power of Literacy Luncheon, hosted by the Ladies for Literacy Guild of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation (Oct 23 at the Post Oak Hotel). Also on the list: Brooklyn-based author Wayétu Moore, whose acclaimed debut novel, She Would Be King, recounts Liberia’s origin story (Oct 31 at Brazos Bookstore); Rice professor Nonya Grenader, who was recently named teacher of the year in the Texas Society of Architects Honor Awards; and sculptor Sarah Sitkin, whose “BODYSUITS” exhibit of anatomically correct, wearable torsos at the Health Museum Houston simultaneously freaks us out and intrigues us (through Jan 11). Finally, with Halloween coming, you know we want to party with Alice Cooper, passing through town on his Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper tour (Oct 14 at White Oak Music Hall). Hey! After welcoming us to his nightmare, maybe he and Snoop can get a round of golf in.

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