These Were the Most Popular Pet Names in Houston For 2019

People actually named their dogs Lizzo and Brisket.

By Josh Davis December 24, 2019

According to this data, his name is probably Astro.

A few months ago, I decided I was long overdue for a feline friend in my life. Eventually, I came upon a three-legged tabby—a tripod, they called her—named Key Lime named for her plumpish emerald eyes. She was the one.

I ultimately chose not to change my peg leg’s name, not because my creativity failed me but because I thought it quite unique. And it was: According to the dog-walking and pet-sitting network Rover, citruses—or any fruit, for that matter—weren’t at all popular in Houston this year in terms of pet names. Instead, many Houstonians in 2019 chose to name their furry companions after more scrumptious and savory foods like Beans, Gumbo, and Chili.

This is but one of the many fun stats Rover shared in its 7th annual report of the year’s most popular dog and cat names for 2019, including some very Houston-specific highlights for the top pet names in the Bayou City.

Take Lizzo and Beyoncé, for example. Yep—you heard right. In 2019, people were actually naming their pets after these beloved superstars. But they weren’t the most trending pet names, at least in Houston. For dogs, that honor went to Bleu—French for blue, which could be argued a fitting moniker here given our cultural (and culinary) diversity. For cats, it was Ozzyspelled exactly like the famous bat-eating rock-n-roller himself. We’re not sure how this one trends Houston, per se, but we’re going with it. 

Other noteworthy pet names include:

Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Rocky
These were the top five male dog names in our city. Great minds think alike.

Bella, Luna, Lucy, Daisy, Lola
Most popular names for Houston's female dogs.

Bella, Luna, Lily, Kitty, Chloe
The five most popular female cat names in Houston.

Oliver, Ozzy, Max, Simba, Charlie
Top five names for Houston's male cats. Ahh Savenya Makakeeshi Mavaa!

Nacho, Taco, Brisket, Queso, Cheese, Pickles
All great food options, but these pet names were trending down in Houston this year. 

Houston slang for a car's leather interior, this dog name is trending up by 55 percent.

Our 2019 American League Champions inspired many Houston dog owners: The name is trending up a whopping 70 percent this year.

Evidently, Houstonians think more alike than we thought. Sorry, Key Lime—there’s always next year.

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