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One Good Thing That Happened Each Month in 2020

Some would say there’s nothing worth remembering about 2020—our “dumpster fire of a year” as it’s also known—but we at Houstonia contend it wasn’t all bad ...

By Dianna Wray December 23, 2020

... Or contagious. Or complicated. Or exhausting. Here are a few things we may just remember fondly as we say good riddance to the worst year ever. 


The novel coronavirus had been detected and named, but it wasn’t (officially) anywhere near H-Town. The big news: Hamilton was coming to the Hobby Center in only seven months!


Getting ready for rodeo time! There’s no real risk of injury (for spectators, at least), so what could go wrong at this annual monthlong gathering of hundreds of thousands? It’s a beloved super spreader of joy!


Offices across the city closed, and we all went into lockdown—which at first felt like a vacation. Working from home! It’s gonna be tight! And we’ll only be doing this for, like, two weeks at the most, right?


Daily pressers at City Hall feature Mayor Sylvester Turner in color-coordinated facemasks and sharp suits, marrying fashion with function. He’d sport dozens before the year was out, and we documented every single one.


The best thing about this month? It had only 30 days. What? You say there were 31 days? Thanks for nothing, May 2020: couldn’t you do anything right?


During the historic and mostly peaceful local George Floyd protests, the Nonstop Riders clattered through Downtown to Discovery Green, while the world watched in awe. Yeah, y’all, Houston has always been that cool.


Houston’s Hamilton run was canceled. BUT Disney Plus then released the live stage film a year ahead of schedule, and we were soon jamming in our jammies on the sofa, sir.


Houston’s Covid numbers were decreasing, and it was so hot we all focused on that misery instead of the pandemic. How nice to be able to complain about the weather for once!


The Rothko Chapel finally reopened after a year and a half of renovations. With the case count ticking back up, boy, did we need our favorite (and free) meditation spot back in our lives.


Trick-or-treating was discouraged but not canceled. And since there was already an increase in Covid cases, we’ll never know whether sending hordes of kids door-to-door had much impact. So … maybe that’s a win?


We were still dealing with Covid-19 during Thanksgiving, but at least that meant the usual family holiday post-election fights were put on hold until at least December! Unless you count throwing a turkey leg at your uncle via Zoom?


Barring calendar-altering legislation, the year is almost over!!! Plus, the vaccine finally made it to Houston! Maybe we’ll even miss 2020 once it’s gone … or not. Peace out, 2020. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. 2021 here we come!



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