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Mattress Mack Bet $3.46 Million on This Year’s Super Bowl Because of Course He Did

While Jim McIngvale is risking millions, here are some tips for you to stay safe from Covid-19 this Sunday.

By Catherine Wendlandt February 4, 2021

Looks like Houston’s has got some skin in this Super Bowl after all. As he’s wont to do, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale has placed a massive bet—$3.46 million, if you’re counting—that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will beat the Kansas City Chiefs +3.5 this Sunday.

“Tampa Bay is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and led by the greatest football player of all time in Tom Brady, so I’m betting big on the Bucs who have overcome tough matchups throughout this postseason,” said McIngcavale via DraftKings Sports Nation. “The NFL has only seen eight instances of back-to-back champions and none in the past 16 years, so I like my chances going into Super Bowl LV for this trend to continue.”

According to DraftKings, McIngvale flew to Colorado yesterday, to place his wager through the DraftKings Sportsbook app from the Colorado Springs Airport. His bet (which is probably enough to get you a decent-sized mansion in River Oaks), according to Action Network, is the largest wager so far this year by a margin of $1.1 million (eh, try checking out the townhomes). And like always, there’s something in it for Gallery Furniture customers, too.

Of course, this is not McIngvale’s first foray into sports gambling. He’s placed bets (and Gallery Furniture promotions) on Super Bowls, World Series, you name it. But, since gambling is, well, gambling, his bets aren’t always successful. In 2019 he lost around $13 million when the Washington Nationals beat the Astros in the World Series, according to Forbes

For Houstonians looking to hedge a safer way to celebrate the Super Bowl than risking millions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have put out guidelines for your parties this Sunday.

While the CDC would prefer you watch the big game at home with just your immediate household, if you’re going to go out, get to the venue early to avoid crowds, allow for social distancing, use touch-less payment methods, and avoid heading to the bathroom during “high traffic times.” Basically, take your potty break during a timeout instead of half time. You might miss a commercial, but you’ll most likely see it replaying on TV for months afterwards.

Also, the CDC doesn’t want you to cheer—the coronavirus is spread via airborne transmission, y’all—instead, it suggests stomping, clapping, or waving handheld noisemakers. More cowbell, anyone?

If you’re hosting or attending a party at home, the CDC suggests you take the game outside. Broadcast the came on a projector, sit six feet way from people you don’t live with, wear a mask, and bring your own food.

Again, if you can avoid people outside your own household, that’s best. Have a virtual party by sharing recipes with your friends and trash-talking the teams through a group text.

Just remember, folks, whether you’re gambling millions or going next door to watch the game, this is the pandemic, and there are no safe bets.

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