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TIME Magazine Recognizes Houston in World's Greatest Places 2021

Houston was named the 'Lone star stunner' on TIME's World's Best Places list.

By Shelby Stewart July 23, 2021

Houston is a foodie's playground, and now we're getting international accolades for our diverse cuisines and art installations. According to TIME Magazine, the Bayou City made is one of the World's Greatest Places to live. Houston makes the distinguished list for both food and cultural attractions.

The worldwide listing comes from nominations in TIME's international network of correspondents and contributors who highlight different countries, regions, cities, and towns that "offer new and exciting experiences" and rate these places based on "ingenuity, creativity, revitalization, and reopenings" across the world. TIME notes that Houston, "has emerged as one of the most diverse cities in the American South" and "boasts a plethora of exciting dining options."

The article highlights multiple Houston favoritesMusaafer Restaurant, which takes guests on a journey through vibrant Indian cuisine prepared by Chef Dawn Burrell, who was recently on Bravo's Top Chef cooking show and will also open her own restaurant, Late August, later on this year. In addition, the feature raved about the Live Nation development that will soon double as a concert venue, food and market hall. The new  space will occupy the now-defunct post office downtown this fall. 

Closing out the highlighted Houston markers is the community-based arts organization Project Row Houses, that revitalized row houses in Third Ward to create art exhibitions, provide studio space for Houston artists, and affordable housing for single mothers. 

Among the 100 places named, Houston shared the spotlight with other international places like Khao Yai National Park in Thailand; La Paz, Mexico; and the Maldives. Multiple domestic locations were also included, like Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and Memphis. Houston is the only city in Texas to make the list. 

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