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Houston Is the 13th Fastest-growing Large Metro Area in the U.S.

From 2015 - 2020, Houston saw a 7.3 percent increase in population.

By Shelby Stewart September 1, 2021


Throughout the past year, we've seen an influx of people leaving metropolitan areas for up-and-coming hotspots in the South. Southern states have become home to coporation headquarters, opportunities for quality employment for recent graduates, and the obvious bang-for-your-buck is affordable housing. 

A century ago, U.S. Census figures showed that 91.3 percent of the nation lived outside the Western states, but now, the South and West have the Midwest and Northeast beat in terms of population. In fact, the South is currently the fastest-growing region of the country after stagnating for much of the last century.  

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Inspection Support Network found that Houston—more specifically The Woodlands and Sugar Land— is the 13th fastest growing large metro in the United States. 

The locale has seen a 7.3 percent increase in population from 2015 - 2020, with a total of 483,675 new Houston residents, increasing the overall population in the city to well over 7 million. The data shows that most of our new neighbors are coming from the Greater Dallas area. Because, let's be honest, Houston is obviously the better choice. 

New migration trends show that residents are opting out of western destinations like Los Angeles and San Francisco to move to neighboring states. For the Southern states, Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas have seen the majority of the growth. 

Houston wasn't the only Texas city to make the fastest-growing large metro list. San Antonio-New Braunfels made No.9, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington made No.8, and Austin-Round Rock landed the No. 1 spot. 

The comprehensive study also measured small and midsize metro areas, where other Texas cities also got a chance to shine. Sherman-Denison scored the No.11 spot on fastest-growing small metros, with a 10.1 percent increase in growth, and Killeen-Temple ranked No. 14 on fastest-growing midsize metro areas. 

For more information on the results of the study and their methodology, visit ISN



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