Texas has a pest problem. Here's why. 

Cockroaches, rats, and mosquitoes, oh my!

Texas ranking overall as the second state to be home to the most pests, makes perfect sense why Houstonians are no stranger to dealing with annoying critters. 

Recently, Excel Pest Services conducted research to see which states are more likely to house rodents, and the Lone Star State topped the list. In order to successfully conduct the research, Excel Pest looked at environmental factors including yearly average temperatures, landfills, the percentage of households owning a pet, the number of pest control companies, and set data from World Population Review

With Texas’ climate, the proximity to the Gulf Coast, the scorching hot summers, and a number of pest control services, the Lone Star state ties with California for the number one spot to most likely be home to mosquitoes. In fact, during the summer of 2021, pest control services said they encountered a higher call volume to help out with these pesky insects. 

The research further finds that Texas has an excess amount of landfills, high restaurant waste access, and increased search volumes on the internet for how to remove pests. These factors, coupled with average temperatures, make the state the optimal environment for both rats and cockroaches. Harris County alone is home to 11 landfills, making Houstonians all too familiar with the struggle against both pests.

Excel Pests concludes that these nuisances can harm not only a human but pets, too. Residents should be vigilant in combatting infestations by keeping a clean house, setting up traps when needed, researching what pests are common in their area, and using bug spray when outside.

To learn more information about Texas pests, visit Excel Pest Service’s website

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