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7 Houston Spots With The Best Hangover Cures

From hot chicken to pharmacy burgers, to Breakfast Klub delights.

By Shelby Stewart December 31, 2021

Eggs are a great way to cure a hangover. 

Image: Oksana Mizina 

If you have plans to bring in the new year in a big way, it's important that you have a game plan for how to cure that impending hangover. The holidays are that time of year when we give ourselves a little leeway to go overboard, but that headache the next day is the reminder that moderation is always key.

Still, if you find yourself paying for all that champagne you drank at midnight with a headache, just know you don't have to rely on aspirin as the only relief the next day.

Instead of following rumored myths that you should sleep it away, or drink more alchohol the next day, Houston has a few options, including some hearty meals, to help cure yesterday's mistakes. 

Below, find 7 places in Houston to cure your hangover:

La Lucha


This down-home restaurant in The Heights has just what you need to cure that headache. Wrapped in yellow paper and called the Pharmacy Burger, you can already guess that it's just what the doctor ordered after a long night out. 

Toasted Yolk


Houston Methodist Wellness Dietitian Amanda Beaver stated in a blog that the compound glutathione is what the body uses to detoxify alcohol, and you can also find it in protein-rich foods like eggs. Pay a visit to one of Houston's many Toasted Yolk locations and try one of their tasty egg plates, and maybe you'll feel your hangover slowly fade away. 

Mico's Hot Chicken


There's no better way to cure a hangover than the tried-and-true fried chicken. While there are thousands of places in Houston to get a taste, we recommend Mico's Hot Chicken. Not only will their spicy chicken offerings help soak up that remaining alcohol, but the spices will definitely wake you up too. 

Thrive Drip Spa


If you want to try an alternative route to getting over that regrettable hangover, Thrive Drip Spa has just what you need. If you pay Thrive a visit, you'll get hooked up to an IV that will provide all the necessary nutrients and boosters to help you get back on your feet. 



Smoothies are another great option to help cure hangovers, and JuiceLand, the local juice shop has a menu filled with recipes that offer just the right pick me up. JuiceLand has a variety of cold-pressed juices and smoothies made with superfoods that will have you feeling better than before. After a long night out, try the Recovery Punch. The juice, filled with antioxidants will boost your immunity, made with fresh ingredients like watermelon, pineapple, coconut water, beet, lime, and sea salt. 

Pappa Geno's


If you want something that will get you full and rid of any remaining drunkenness, Pappa Geno's has what you need. Known for their Philly cheesesteaks, any of their hearty selections will surely help you on your road to recovery. If you're looking for something to soak up that alcohol, try the Papa Geno's Steak & Cheese, or the Steak & Cheese Hoagie Burger. 

The Breakfast Klub


You can never go wrong with breakfast, or in this case brunch. After sleeping in after your eventful night, swing by The Breakfast Klub to order a plate of chicken and waffles. The critically acclaimed restaurant's sweet and savory offering will make you forget all about last night. 

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