An impressive holiday lights display from H-Town Frankie. 

AROUND THIS TIME OF YEAR holiday lights are one of Houston's biggest spectacles, and there's one man who does it big. You may have seen him going viral on social media, or even a highlight on the evening news.

H-Town Frankie, born Frankie To-Ong, is the Houston native who goes all out for the holidays with his larger-than-life light shows.

Online, you'll see creative displays in the front yard of his Houston home, where his residence transforms into a hip-hop holiday extravaganza. In years past, he's done hip-hop medley tributes to Houston greats like Lil Keke and Mike Jones. More recently, he's expanded holiday light sequences to feature rap icons like Biggie Smalls and even WWE characters like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. His displays have managed to go viral on social media so much he's caught the attention of late-night talk show television host Jimmy Fallon, and even gospel legend Shirley Caesar

It's hard to say which displays are some of his best, but his Houston-inspired lights spectacular will always reign supreme. 

Below, find five of H-Town Frankie's best Houston light displays. 

Tobe Nwigwe featuring Paul Wall, "Juice"


As a native of Houston, it's only natural to merge your love for being from the best city in Texas with our bursting hip-hop scene. His light sequence featuring Tobe Nwigwe and Paul Wall's "Juice," shows a colorful display of blinking lights, Santa, and a screen with lyrics for fans and neighbors to rap a long to. 

Fat Pat, "Tops Drop"


This classic from the late Fat Pat was a must-see. The iconic light show had a psychedelic feel, with the lights flickering to the beat. Before the beat drops, a Houston-inspired slideshow plays, showcasing Houston's beloved sports teams, the iconic "Be Someone" sign, and the Houston Graffiti Park. 

Megan Thee Stallion featuring DaBaby, "Cash Sh*t"


To stay with the times, H-Town Frankie does a great job of keeping up with Houston's music. A couple of years ago, one of his many light shows featured Megan Thee Stallion's hit single "Cash Shit" from her popular mixtape Fever. In this sequence, Frankie's vibrant setup showcased red, green, and even purple lights, plus miniature Christmas trees that were singing along to the music. 

Lil Flip, "Game Over"


While staying true to the music of today, Frankie has never been afraid to throw it back. The Houston native's "Game Over" display was a tribute to Lil Flip, and arguably one of the fan favorites. This display had Christmas trees singing along, plus a screen featuring Pac-Man. 

Drake, "November 18"


While Canadian-born entertainer Drake isn't originally from Houston, he notes Clutch City as his claim to fame. Years ago, Frankie created a "November 18" display, which he actually debuted on November 18. Christmas can never come too early in Houston. 

 Paul Wall, "Ice Man"


As a tribute to the "Ice Man" himself, Paul Wall, H-Town Frankie did a special light show dedicated to the rapper's self-titled track. For this presentation, Frankie decked out his holiday lights in white and icy blue lights, and once the beat drops, a colorful light show jumps at you with Paul Wall rapping about those luxurious grills. 

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