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Houstonia’s Pet of the Week: Freida the Friendly Feline

"Stupid kittens," thought Freida.

By Houstonia Staff

Houstonia has partnered with BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions to bring attention to some of our city’s goodest boys and girls. Every week, we’ll be highlighting a pup or kitty currently in need of a forever home. We love animals, and we hope this feature will help bring these furry friends closer to finding their human soulmates.

Image: Courtesy BARC

Meet Houstonia's Pet of the Week: Freida! 

Do your arms ache for the presence of a warm kitty to nuzzle them while you type? Do you have an empty space in your closet, where you could be housing a small box of sparkly, bouncy cat toys? Does the idea of a kindred spirit who also loves judging her peers from afar appeal to you?

Boy, do we have the cat for you.

Two-year-old Freida the feline first arrived at BARC in May, after being found at an airport. It took a bit of coaxing from her foster mom, but she eventually came out of her shell. Turns out, Frieda is a sweet and gentle spirit with a penchant for squinting when she’s stressed. Things she loves: quiet atmospheres, cuddling into your chest when you hold her, toys, and cat-watching. (It’s like people-watching, but with cats.) In fact, she recently judged a bunch of kittens at BARC’s adoption fair. “Stupid kittens,” thought Freida.

Through her months in and out of BARC and foster care, Freida has made friends with all the workers and volunteers. While they’d hate to say goodbye, they know she deserves a good home with a loving pet parent. 

If you're on the market for a sweet kitty, you can meet Freida by contacting [email protected] and including her animal ID number: A1824176 

Image: Courtesy BARC 

Image: Courtesy BARC


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