A Guide to the Best of Houston’s Museum District

Home to 18 museums, myriad green spaces, outdoor theaters, restaurants, bars, and the Houston Zoo, the Museum District is one of Houston’s top tourist destinations.

03/16/2023 By Meredith Nudo Edited by Daniel Renfrow

Summer's Bach, Ya'll

5 Things to Do in Houston This Weekend, June 25-27

Monet, Matisse, and Renoir walk into a bar.

06/25/2021 By Emma Schkloven


The Latin Wave Film Festival Presents Oscar-Nominated Movies at the MFAH

The annual event will showcase new Latin American films Desde Alla, Boy and the World and Ixcanul.

04/27/2016 By Sara Samora


MFAH’s High Society Showcases Work by Forgotten Painter Franz X. Winterhalter

An underappreciated German portrait artist finally sees his spotlight.

04/11/2016 By Laura Gillespie