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The Face of Recovery: Heather Ogburn (Serenity Light Recovery)

Heather is the Founder & CEO of Serenity Light Recovery, a treatment center located in Angleton, Texas just south of Houston.

Presented by Heather Ogburn, Serenity Light Recovery February 2, 2018

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“This isn’t me. How did I get here?” were the cries of a desperate lost girl. A girl who once had everything yet felt nothing and in a flash, it was gone. Her dignity, her freedom, her life as she knew it.

Growing up with everything she could ask for, Heather Ogburn lived on a ranch for most of her childhood then moved to Sweetwater in Sugar Land. Her dad was a physician and her mom worked at the Houston Ballet; they gave her the world. Becoming an addict/alcoholic was NOT what she dreamt she’d be when she grew up. She didn’t ask for this. How could a girl who played Varsity Softball and graduated top 10% from a prestigious high school, went to college, Pre-Med, Honor Society, Dean’s List, raised by a great family (sure they had their problems but who didn’t) suffer in silence for so long? Because addiction can happen to ANYONE.

On the outside life looked perfect, but on the inside Heather was dying; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So desperately trying to be perfect ever since she was a little girl, nothing she did seemed to be good enough—not smart enough, not thin enough, not fast enough. She never felt right inside, never felt she truly belonged.

Her parents divorced when she was very young and things got ugly. Because there was so much stigma attached to divorce and dysfunctional families, they trudged forward and acted like everything was ok. Her mother suffered from anxiety, depression, and addiction but wouldn’t talk about it. Between the dinner parties and galas were breakdowns and heartache. Medication was always the answer. Didn’t feel good? Take something!

Anxiety and depression seemed to hit Heather early on. By age 11, she was desperately looking for something to change the way she felt. Being the Math Wise Kid wasn’t cutting it. Alcohol and marijuana quickly turned into pills, cocaine, and meth. She had to continue to function and appear to have this perfect life, so she carried on by any means necessary. The guilt, shame and insanity kept fueling the addiction, and she had no clue what was happening to her. She didn’t think she had a problem because she didn’t live on the streets or have an arrest record a mile long. She lived in a nice neighborhood, drove a nice car, had money, and thought she was just having fun.

Then reality hit Heather right in the face. Addiction had complete control over her. There were only so many pills she could take to numb the pain before it took her where her deepest fears lie and her darkest secrets hide. Before she knew it, she was in the back of a cop car crying, “This isn’t me…”.

This was her saving grace. She ended up in treatment fighting for her freedom, fighting for her life. It was in treatment she learned about the disease of addiction and gained a better understanding of why she was doing what she was doing. Treatment gave her hope and taught her a new way to live without having to self-medicate just to get by.

Recovery has changed her life! She has found a new freedom and true happiness she never knew existed. Recovery has given her back her dignity and self-worth. She has a strong foundation to deal with any obstacle life throws her way. Her family is now growing stronger over the years instead of slowly falling apart. She has a career beyond her wildest dreams. Because God gave her a second chance at life, she strives to give back and help others.

Heather is the Founder & CEO of Serenity Light Recovery, a treatment center located in Angleton, Texas just south of Houston. Nestled on 10 serene acres, she created a beautiful place to recover without feeling like a hospital or institution. She has developed an amazing team of compassionate professionals whose mission is to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. They offer fresh programs and innovative services to provide clients with the tools necessary to sustain long-term recovery. Every detail of their truly holistic approach has been given careful consideration. The all-inclusive campus houses full medical detox, residential, and IOP programs. They offer an intensive family program to educate and assist the family on addiction to aid in the healing process. Message therapy, yoga, personal training, nutritional assessments, BioSound, private suites and a faith-based track are just a few of the therapeutic amenities available to promote a transformation for a new life free from drugs and alcohol.

Serenity Light Recovery is a place that empowers and inspires based on rewards not punishment and honors those seeking help. Suffer in silence no more! There is hope! This is the face of a survivor and the new face of RECOVERY!

1820 E. County Rd. 36, Angleton, Texas 77515