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Face of Healthy Sleep: Texas Mattress Makers

The Houston mattress seller manufactures all of its own products—and trains their staff to make sure they know exactly which one is your key to a good night’s sleep.

Presented by Youval Meicler, Texas Mattress Makers May 8, 2018

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How Your Mattress Affects the Quality of Your Sleep

In 2017, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called insufficient sleep a public health epidemic, and said that more than a third of Americans are not getting enough shut eye. As we make our New Year’s resolutions, plenty of us focus on things like losing weight or getting a promotion at work. But how many people actually cite sleeping seven hours a night as their goal, even though that may be just the thing to help them stick to an exercise regimen or increase their productivity at work? Bottom line: Sleep is dangerously undervalued.

While poor sleep is associated with factors like stress, the inability to unplug, and increasingly demanding work hours, it’s also tied to your mattress. Many of us sleep on one that’s entirely wrong for our individual bodies. We go about shopping for beds misguidedly, on advice from a friend or based on what’s trending, and head off to a furniture or mattress store where the salespeople know virtually nothing about the make-up of the actual mattresses and what it means for your body and how you sleep.

Rachael Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer for Texas Mattress Makers in Houston, says that many customers come to their showrooms and want a mattress based on latest marketing trends or buzz words made popular by the industry, like memory foam mattresses. “We have a lot of customers who come in and want memory foam even though they don’t realize that this type of product is not for people who sleep hot at night; there’s no breathability, no room for your body heat to move. But a hybrid mattress with more air flow that still gives you that plushness of memory foam, will make for a far cooler sleep.” They’re committed to not plugging the latest trend, but to determining which bed is the most supportive for you. To that end, their sales staff will ask you questions you won’t hear at other mattress retailers—about your body and sleep style—that come from a deep knowledge about how their beds are actually made.

A No-Gimmick Approach to Selecting a Mattress

Owner Youval Meicler, a 40-plus year veteran of the industry, started his career at a bedding and furniture factory, where he worked his way up from janitor and ultimately became president of the company, with stops in between in shipping, warehouse, assembly, and sales. He insists that his sales staff also work the production line, something they’re uniquely able to do since Texas Mattress Makers is the only mattress store in Houston that manufactures everything they sell. The expertise they gain, coupled with components that other mattress retailers simply don’t have, makes them a truly one-of-a-kind store and the number one mattress seller in the city on Yelp.

Aside from the superior quality and variety, there’s also the shopping experience itself. The store offers cut-outs of every mattress so you can see the components yourself, and the staff will never try to upsell you on a bed that they don’t believe will actually enhance your sleep quality. Their ultimate goal: to sell you a good night’s sleep.

At the end of the day, the folks at Texas Mattress Makers just want you to come on in and see what they have to offer. At the very least, they’re happy to give you an education about the one thing you spend 25 percent of your life on. 

Downtown Houston: 4619 Navigation Blvd. | 713.341.6252
Katy: 5026 East 3rd St. | 713.437.5646