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Coronavirus Philanthropy: Kindness Is Everything

National organization KH Giving announces a new giveaway to support small businesses, in partnership with Houstonia Magazine.

Presented by KH Giving July 28, 2020

The Executive Diner team in masks donated by KH Giving

The beginning of March was the start of a difficult time across the nation, bringing loss of life, loss of employment, and the loss of everyday living as most of us have come to know it. Mary K Leonard, CEO of KH Giving, saw these challenging times as a way to step in to help those most in need and to offer a new way of doing business through sustainability practices.

With proceeds from their Mission Mask sales, KH Giving has been able to donate over $15,000 in supplies and financial assistance to the highest-risk population in the Washington, DC, area through local charities and food pantries as of July 22, 2020. In Houston, the organization will be partnered with the Interfaith Ministries Meals on Wheels program serving homebound seniors and those with disabilities. Mission Masks will be distributed to 4,400 households in need to help to stop the pandemic running rampant among a portion of Houston’s disadvantaged population.

KH Giving dedicates their company not only to making personal protective equipment (PPE) in a time of crisis, but also to investing back into local restaurants and small businesses by making gift card purchases funded with the proceeds of mask sales. These restaurant gift cards are in turn raffled to existing and potential buyers of Mission Masks to promote further distribution of PPE. Their expansion of this program to Houston is their next step forward nationally to help small businesses across America.

An array of KH Giving masks

Mary K’s ties to Houston run back over a decade ago, when she first started visiting on business and quickly grew to love our city. Trips to Lake Jackson, Surfside Beach, and West University Place with her now lifelong Texas friends are some of her fondest Houston memories.

Through Labor Day, Mission Masks by KH Giving is partnered with Houstonia magazine to support Houston’s local economy during the most challenging days we might be facing in modern history. This $10,000 giveaway will feature fine jewelry valued at over $5,000 from KatherineHelena, along with thousands of dollars of gift cards and prizes purchased from Houston restaurants and local businesses. To receive 10% off your order and automatically be entered to win, purchase your Mission Mask and use the code “Houston” or “HoustonGiving” at checkout.

Part of the path Mary K is taking is providing jobs to a team of eight contractors at rates of anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour. Her belief in the overall good in people has shaped her life and the tasks she continues to take on. Whether it be working to get a young man wrongly convicted of murder released from prison (successfully in the winter of 2019) or spending her prior years dedicated to being a Director of the Special Olympics Summer Games in Washington, DC, there is a fundamental grounding in kindness she attributes to her Grandmother Helen and Great Aunt Kay, after whom KH Giving is named.

These guys are ones to watch.

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