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Saving Us from the Post-Lockdown Grizzlies

While we were hibernating, Milan Laser, the experts in hair removal, opened two local clinics.

Presented by Milan Laser Hair Removal By Laura Furr Mericas October 15, 2020

Let us venture a guess: Your waxing or shaving routine has been less than regimented these last few months. We’re not here to judge. Honestly, who can blame you? While our lives have been in lockdown, many of us have let our body hair grow and get a little out of control.

But ICYMI: Houston is slowly but safely starting to reopen. And whether you’re eager to re-engage with the outside world or are holding out for a while longer, you’re likely ready to look a little more put together and feel like your best refined self. Enter Milan Laser. While we were hibernating, the experts in laser hair removal opened two Houston-area locations in Spring and Richmond.

Here are five reasons Milan Laser Hair Removal is ideally situated to help Houstonians look good, feel great, and save money in a safe and healthy environment. What more could we ask for?

1. Milan Laser is led by medical professionals.

Milan Laser considers every laser hair-removal session a medical appointment. That’s no surprise: The company was founded by two doctors in 2012 and is the largest laser hair removal company in the country with 94 locations nationwide. They are also the only company in the U.S. that boasts a certification from Candela, the leading aesthetic laser manufacturer in the world. Every client at Milan Laser in Houston is treated by a nurse practitioner who is overseen by a local physician. Milan Laser’s emphasis on science-backed results also means that clients can be certain that every clinic is following the most stringent Covid-19 protections to keep every employee and client healthy and safe while they are in the clinic.

2. Milan Laser helps you look good for less.

The team at Milan Laser understands that hair removal is not a one-size-fits-all process. That's why Milan Laser offers the Unlimited Package™, which means unlimited sessions for life. This is Milan Laser's guarantee that you will be hair–free at one affordable price no matter how many sessions you need. As an added bonus, Milan Laser also offers 0 percent interest payment plans, and everyone (that's right, everyone) is approved. Monthly payments start as low as $29 but vary depending on the body areas you get treated. And if you know which areas you want zapped hair-free, Milan Laser can tell you how much your payments will be even before you book a consultation.

3. Laser hair removal is practical and nearly pain-free.

Who needs more discomfort in their life right now? Laser hair removal, despite what you might have heard, is less painful than waxing, and you don’t have to grow out that stubble for your laser appointments. It also causes less redness, irritation, and in-grown hairs. Did we mention that the results of laser hair removal are permanent? This means the hair won't grow back. You will see a 10–20 percent reduction in hair growth after each treatment. Laser hair removal will allow you to say “sayonara” to the waxing waddle, wave “bye-bye” to razor burn and ingrown hairs, and make your to-do list one item shorter.

4. The timing has never been better.

Seven months in, you’ve probably cycled through all of the quarantine fads by now. Since self-care is the best care, why not treat yourself to something that’ll have long-term benefits? Shaving and waxing are a continuous cycle of weekly and monthly maintenance—unlike laser hair removal, which (again) has permanent results. We may be transitioning toward long sleeves and jeans as the temps start to drop here in Houston, but clients who start the laser hair-removal process in the fall or winter will be practically hair-free by the time shorts and swimsuits are calling our names again.

5. Milan Laser is for everyone.

Ditch your razor along with the myth that laser hair removal is only for women with fair skin and brown hair. Laser hair removal has come a long way in the last 30 years. And now, thanks to advancements in technology, everyone can be treated. Milan Laser uses the Candela Gentle Max Pro, which utilizes dual-laser technology, offers the fastest treatments, and is one of the safest lasers on the market. The dual technology uses the Alexandrite laser to treat lighter skin tones, and the Nd:YAG laser is used to safely treat olive and brown skin tones. Men are also using laser hair removal to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair. Some of the most popular areas for men include the chest, back, and neck: there are lots of body areas that can be treated. And since everyone has hair, laser hair removal truly is for everyone.

Ready to shed your 2020 coat and start fresh? Houston locations of Milan Laser are offering a complimentary consultation and one free treatment for all new customers. For more FAQs about laser hair removal and the monthly specials, contact the experts at your local Milan Laser clinic, or call 1-833-NO-RAZOR to schedule your free consultation today.

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