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Tokyo Night Festival Goes Big in Its Second Year

The large festival is bringing the best of Japanese food, music, art, anime, and martial arts to Houston.

Presented by By Daniel Renfrow

Tokyo Night Festival is an affordable way to experience a Tokyo-size dose of Japanese culture without having to board an airplane.

Tokyo Night Festival, a festival celebrating all things Japanese, is back again this year, and the festival is undergoing some major upgrades. Although last year’s inaugural festival threw down for just one day, this year the festival will take place over two entire days (November 11 and November 12) at the Texas Festival Grounds, where attendees will get to experience the best of Japanese culture—from food and drink to art, martial arts, music, and more. 

“Japanese culture in the city of Houston has been misrepresented,” said founder Naoki Yoshida in a statement. “As a Japanese-American living in Houston, I wanted to make sure that we’re representing our culture in the right manner. There are a little more than 4,000 of us in Houston, and we want to showcase the strength of Japanese culture, and why it’s so special in the city. We’re part of the next generation of the Japanese community in Houston, and are honored to continue spreading awareness by making the Tokyo Night Festival the largest Japanese showcase in the country.”

Because tickets will only set you back $20 per day, Tokyo Night Festival is an affordable way to experience a Tokyo-size dose of Japanese culture without having to board an airplane. Over 30 vendors will be serving food and drink with Japanese elements this year at the festival, but that’s just a small taste of what the festival has in store. The festival will also include live performances by legendary Japanese artists like Zeebra and G Yamazawa as well as from a large list of additional musicians and dancers. But wait, there’s more!

Here is everything you need to know about Tokyo Night Festival. 

What to Eat and Drink at Tokyo Night Festival:

  • Shun Japanese Kitchen
  • Hako Bento Box Company
  • Japan Bites
  • Tokyo Maid Cafe
  • Burger Chan
  • Cao Bao
  • Click Virtual Food Hall
  • Crawfish and Noodles
  • Ramen Tatsuya
  • Tatsunoya Ramen
  • Aqua S
  • Dumpling Haus
  • Fattest Cow
  • Teagu Cafe
  • Global Republic
  • Kuramoto Ice
  • Marukome
  • Atcha
  • Hella Bubble
  • BB Concessions
  • Dream Eaters Coffee 
  • Lincoln Bar
  • Pocari Sweat
  • Kimono Juice
  • Choya

Performances to Watch at Tokyo Night Festival:

  • Zeebra
  • G Yamazawa
  • DJ Michael “5,000” Watts and Swisha House
  • Kaminari Taiko Houston
  • Takumi Kato
  • Ryu Japanese Dance’s Hiromi Onoe
  • Paida
  • Juju
  • Nevos Tyler
  • Melancholiaah!
  • Michael Martin
  • Innerlux
  • Aymi

Bonus Things to See:

  • Martial arts: The festival will also have martial arts showcases, including an official sumo tournament, a kendo showcase, and jiu jitsu demonstrations. If you’ve ever wanted to watch (and participate in) an official sumo tournament, now is your chance to do so without shoveling out thousands of dollars for a trip to Japan.
  • Anime: The festival will include appearances by several renowned anime voice actors, including Olivia Swasey, Kyle Colby Jones, Christina Kelly, and John Swasey.
  • Cosplay Show: Express yourself by dressing as your favorite anime character and participating in Tokyo Night Festival’s cosplay show. All participants will be entered into a giveaway for some cool prizes.


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