Charlotte Olympia's Zodiac-Inspired Flats

What's Your Sign?

By Julie Bortnick April 18, 2013


I’ve never really been into the whole zodiac hoopla. Beyond reading my fortune in Seventeen back in the day, looking to the stars for guidance has never really been my thing. But there is something pretty fun about Charlotte Olympia’s zodiac-inspired Birthday Shoes. As with birthstones, you just kind of feel like you deserve the pair of flats associated with your birthday. 

I had breakfast with Olympia at Neiman Marcus on Monday, and we chatted about astrological phenomena, her cosmic collection, and southern accents (which neither of us have).  It was her first time in Houston, and the first stop on her American tour. 

This capsule collection was handmade in Italy, and the 12 styles of flats each have coordinating clutches. Each style is a different color and embellished with Swarovski crystals—because why not? 

Olympia wanted the collection to celebrate the twelve star signs, so she added hand painted enamel symbols to suede flats. On the sides you will find horoscope-related embroidery. The shoes come with a Charlotte Olympia horoscope book, so you'll never have a question about what the difference between an Aries and a Leo is. (Though I'm still not quite clear on it.)

And don't worry, folks. If you aren't a fan of the shoe of your sign, go crazy and pick another. I'm a Capricorn, yet the Scorpio pair seems more like my jam (pictured below).


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