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Deadstock Vintage Frames at Smith's

For sale, eyeglasses, never worn

By Tricia Gilbride April 17, 2013

A few years back, you will recall, rectangles reigned. Then labels like The Row and Oliver Peoples brought back the circular frames popular during the 40s and 70s. If you're the kind of consumer who demands real-deal vintage frames rather than ersatz period pieces from the aforementioned designers, you couldn't do better than to find some deadstock—which is to say frames overproduced in their own day, never sold, and locked in a vault until you (1) were born and (2) wanted them. We recently found a bunch of deadstock at Smith's Opticians, located on Austin Street, which has enough nerd quirk to make up for the 8 million earnest H-town eyewear places. There's an entire room dedicated to vintage frames, and that room involves a vinyl collection dedicated to the kind of music you are assumed to like if you are the kind of person who tends to be hunting for vintage frames. (See: Sufjan Stevens.) You get the idea. Check out our slideshow of the collection. 

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