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From Nunnery to Ke$ha's Closet

Cakewalk's spiritual journey

April 16, 2013


So why would a thriving online style shop—a place big enough to land a mention in People, a site Self recently asked for help in dressing pop nihilist Ke$ha—maintain an intimate brick-and-mortar store in a space that used to serve as two rooms of a nunnery for St. Anne's? For one thing, certain exclusive brands won't allow you to hawk their wares without a brick-and-mortar base. For another, Houston retail is increasingly dependent on personal styling, which is to say that women want a space to go in which someone with opinions will dress them.  


We stopped by Cakewalk Style Shop's new space in Upper Kirby, which is about one foot from their last space in Upper Kirby, and crushed on their selection of Tibi dresses and Lane boots. You won't find Vince at another boutique in Houston. It's not up and running yet, but half the store will serve as a showroom for Charmed Circle, Cakewalk co-founder Gina Cartwright's own jewelry line. We're not sure what the nuns would say about the sheer leopard print Ava top, but we're loving the half-off sale happening right this minute. 


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