At a recent gathering of fashionistas Houstonia caught up with makeup artist Sarah Tucker, who has beautified everyone from Nicole Miller to James Carville(!) to Khloe Kardashian. We asked her for some quick summer fashion tips.

Brights: Hot lips have been in for a while, but I’m seeing more and more of that. Your corals are hot. As far as eye color: lots of greens, lots of purples, every variation from light green to teal to turquoise, from lavender to eggplant. Lots and lots of color.

Concealer: The one thing that surprises me that people are not doing: they don’t use concealer, they buy a heavy foundation instead. People with beautiful skin will see imperfections and say “I want a full coverage foundation.” I’m like, “girl, you don’t need that!” What they need is a sheerer product and then to go back over specific areas with concealer. I’m always encouraging people to wear lighter products and layer them appropriately.

Skincare: It amazes to me how many people don’t straight up use any skincare. They say, “oh, I wash my face in the shower.” Do you moisturize? No. Do you use eye cream? No. Basic, basic things. People will try to cover dark circles instead of treating the dark circles. I think people have the misconception that they’re being sold something all the time, and they are some of the time, but eye cream is an important product.

Practice Safe Sun: Most people want some color, like a tan. Products can give the illusion of that glow without having to lay out in the sun and cover yourself in Bain de Soleil. Bronzer is a way to practice safe sun. I think everyone looks better with bronzer and concealer. 

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