Isn't it weird being friends with celebrities on the Internet? Now that we can follow our favorite celebrities on social media and peek into their not-so-private moments, celebrity seems sort of democratic. We can scroll through our feed and see posts from friends and celebs all lumped together. It's like we're totally buddies with fashion photographer Garance Doré and I hang out all the time with Beyoncé. Sure, Beyoncé's a pop music icon. But she's also just an average girl on Instagram who posts food pics, sneaks photos at work, and never misses a chance to unveil a GPOY (gratuitious picture of yourself).

Our dreamgirl Baddie Bey (to use her Instagram handle) has been using the social media tool recently to show off her flair for street style. This isn't a huge surprise considering Beyoncé launched her own fashion label in 2005. That label is House of Deréon, a ready-to-wear line co-founded by Beyoncé and her momager, Tina Knowles.

If anything holds you tighter than your Deréon jeans, it's the enduring appeal of a superbabe behaving adorably like the girl next door. While Beyoncé's street style is nothing but sophisticated, the pop princess also comes off as fun and personable in her Instagram photos. Her street style features plenty of top knots, ballet flats, skinny jeans, oversized bows, and even a floral romper. These outfits don't say diva so much as cute, girlish, and hip, and those collars and blazers are pretty crush-worthy, Bey. We thought we love-hated her outfits in the heyday of Destiny's Child, but it turns out our newest style crush is Hipster Beyoncé.

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