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Gatsby's Houston

We might not live on East Egg, but we can still shop like we do.

By Tricia Gilbride May 24, 2013

Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby has left some Houstonians waiting on our very own mysterious millionaire to host lavish shindigs, but until that happens, we'll just have to make our own fun. In the interest of welcoming Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan types to our city, here are the shops we think would make F. Scott Fitzgerald's most notorious lovers feel right at home. 

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Atrium If Daisy were on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear to a Gatsby gala, she might head to Atrium on West Gray—a boutique that is serious about its evening wear. Depending on her mood (Daisy is nearly as unpredictable as Zelda was), she might walk away with a dramatic gown from Viktor & Rolf or a scene-stealing cocktail dress from Prabal Gurung. 

More Than You Can Imagine Matters of the heart lead us to do funny things, and sometimes that involves creating elaborate fake identities. If you're looking to pose as a person of greater means, check out More Than You Can Imagine for their high-end resale selection. No one needs to know that those YSL heels had a life before you.

Billy Reid Since Gatsby's idea of impressing a girl involves making her weep over a pile of his finest dress shirts,  Billy Reid would be a must-go for the titular hero. The shop, located in a charming house on Westheimer, boasts a selection of men’s and women’s sportswear offerings from the Louisiana-born designer and plenty of Southern hospitality (you will be greeted with Bourbon and a smile) that would bring Jay Gatsby himself right back to the origins of his romance with Daisy.

Dromgoole's The lost art of letter writing is alive and well at Dromgoole’s on Rice Boulevard. Browse their selection of fountain pens, ink, and stationary and unleash your inner romantic. Or write an entire book about your charming, sad, doomed bootlegger friend.  Nick would.

Past Era Antique Jewelry Gatsby and Daisy would never go shopping without picking up a little glitz. As the (perhaps redundant?) name suggests, Past Era on West Alabama specializes in vintage gems. You can zero in on art deco diamonds if you're a true roaring twenties enthusiast, but we recommend you ogle the entire collection, which includes pieces dating back to the 17th century.

Finally, and most importantly, take whatever you find on your Gatsby-themed shopping trip and join us at Sullivan's Gatsby Gala this evening, the 24th, for raffle prizes, live music, and $6 "Daisitinis." 


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