Hamilton Summer Collection

For their latest collection, Hamilton heads west

By Peter Holley May 16, 2013


You are a man above the age of 28. Judging by these deepening lines in my forehead and my inability to hit on a woman without a meaningful post-graduate employment history, it would appear I am as well.

Which is to say, neither one of us is going to attend a gathering known as a “trunk show,” not without substantial monetary and/or procreative incentives. As long as the male psyche is sedated by military documentaries on Netflix, NBA playoff basketball and constant access to pornography, trunk shows are out of the question. Sorry.

Unfortunately, this dictum even applies to Hamilton, everyone’s favorite high-end local shirt brand, which explains how both you and I missed every opportunity to get a glimpse of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Oops.

Fortunately, I've managed to round up few highlights by way of my status as a venerable member of the media. Before you jump to the photo gallery, here’s a little background on this season’s collection:

  • Staying hyper-local, designers say the collection was inspired by native Texas and features “desert colors, warm tones, even American Indian inspired prints and patterns.”
  • Customers can expect western details on sport shirts, including yokes (i.e. shaped patterns around the nexk and shoulders) reflecting Houston pride.
  • Hamilton has also introduced “a more classic fit with a longer length, and a slimmer fit with shorter shirt tails.”
  • New fabrics introduced this season are linen and cotton blends combined for comfort and ease of wear; interesting dobby weaves and textures that update classic oxfords and poplins; prints on unexpected chambrays and classic oxford cloth.

Exciting stuff if you appreciate a great shirt. And, very local. Each Hamilton shirt is hand cut and sewn in their Houston workshop where they oversee all aspects of design and construction.

And, of course, all are available in ready-to-wear (or can be customized through their bespoke program) at Hamilton's storefront, located at 5700 Richmond, Houston TX  77057. Phone them at: 713.780.8222. Find them online at:

Next year I'll try to make it to the trunk show. Promise.


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