Question: How many Shop Talk readers are also avid consumers of the Wall Street Journal?

A highly informal study of blogger applications suggests the overlap between our readership and the gilded pages of the WSJ is, well, "slim."

Which means you probably missed it last week when the boomer rag declared Houston the “Modern American Boomtown.” If that distinction sounds farfetched consider the following excerpt:

"Houston's recent track record is startling. For the calendar year ending in February, it saw the fastest pace of job growth (4.5%) among the country's 20 largest metropolitan areas."

Not that you’re here to catch up on economic news. But with so many job seekers landing in H-town (not to mention jobs), there’s never been a more appropriate time to consider the importance work-related fashion, namely—men’s bags.

Here's why it's important. There are a few ways to irreparably damage a sharp-looking suit during an interview. Pair it with some Tevas from REI. Pull one of these. Or, show up toting a little boy's backpack, which is kinda like having one of these strapped to your spine.

If you want to look professional, but need to carry more than a wallet, you need a tasteful bag. My personal preference would be one from Jack Spade, whose philosophy has always been to make bags that are "neither overly precious nor boring basics." I like the equal emphasis on stylishness and utility. The Nordstrom men's department carries JS bags in leather and heavy canvas. But there's no need to limit yourself to a particular company. Here's a list of a few favorites for you to peruse:

1) BillyKirk:

2) Blk Pine Workshop:

3) Property Of:

4) Herschel Supply Co:



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