Heels on Wheels

A new trend rolls into Houston

By Sarah Pendley May 29, 2013

Gourmet food trucks have become part of Houston’s landscape, and the rising trend has evolved beyond cuisine. A new mobile vendor has rolled into the Bayou City: the fashion truck. With brands like Luxury Rebel, London Trash and Sergio Zelcer for sale, the Shoe Bar is a roving shoe store on wheels. 

Opened for a little over two months, the boutique is housed in an eye-catching, refurbished vintage trolley, where stylish owner Coryne Rich sets herself apart from cookie-cutter department stores. The Shoe Bar makes appearances all over town, from Nordstrom to Discovery Green. Rich was parked just outside Body Rock Pilates off of Washington when I met up with her to learn about the tale behind her trolley .

Was this a Houston trolley?

It was actually in Pennsylvania. It was a tourist trolley for a little city called Rock Hall Pennsylvania and I found it online.  

It had been sitting for five years. It was old with all the seats from the trolley and stained wood inside. We had it shipped down and we completely redid it. I wanted something that was very unique in its own right. Something that would make you say What’s That? as soon as you saw it.

What is your inspiration when you shop for your store?

 It’s from a passion of loving heels myself and being obsessed with the trends, where it’s going, what people are wearing and what looks good. Honestly at market, it’s what I’m attracted to. I’m a girl who wears heels 8-12 hours a day, so I know they have to be comfortable. I’m conscious of picking things that are wearable. These shoes don’t just look beautiful and are works of art, they are something you can wear and have on for more than an hour.    

 What is the must-have shoe for the summer?

Wedges are great for the summer. That’s a big deal. Everyone’s got to have that fun pair of wedges that you can wear to the pool, with a maxi dress or out. And always a lady needs a nude pump. 

If you were to pair a food truck with Shoe Bar, which would you pair?

There are so many good ones. I would have to say Good Dog because A. they’re my favorite and B. they have tailor made hotdogs. You can get your chick hotdog with your chic shoes. 

Where can customers find your truck?

If they go to our website, which is, we have our calendar of events listed there so they can see our future events. Also the links to like us on Facebook and Twitter are readily available as well. If they follow us, we blast out events. Every time we’re at an event we post a picture and let them know the address.

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