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Vera Wang Unveils Her First Floral Collection

What does a "girls' night out" smell like? What scent bespeaks modernism? Only Vera Wang can tell you.

By Peter Holley June 19, 2013

The boundaries of Vera Wang's vast wedding empire seem to be in a state of perpetual expansion. These days, the fashion designer, whose name has long been synonomous with high-end bridal gowns, has her stamp on everything from jewelry to houseware to heels.

In April, she introduced "Be Jeweled," a new champagne and pomegranate-scented perfume that's supposed to capture the excitment of a "girls' night out," whatever that means. Last month Wang unveiled her first floral collection, available exclusively through online flower retailer FTD.

It's as if Wang has a product for every stage of the modern female socio-culural assimilation process. It begins during drunken nights out with the girls wearing skimpy skirts and reeking of pomegranate seeds. It ends with you picking out cutlery with your new hubby. Somewhere in between there is, presumably, infatuation, courtship and, of course, a beautiful gown that fills your single girlfriends with murderous envy.
I digress. Arrangments for Wang's floral collection come in three distinct looks—The Traditionalist, The Romanticist, and The Modernist. Here's a small preview for those of you in the final stages of the Vera Wang acculturation process:  

The Modernist—"Soft, subtle lavender with a touch of pink and mauve combine to make this wonderful, memorable bridal color scheme."








The Romanticist—"Soft and sweet pink prevails as the ideal bridal color for romance. Pink is the romantic symbol of love and admiration. Celebrate the sweetness of your union with nature's most beautiful hue."







The Traditionalist—"Classic whites and creams for the true traditionalist. With an abundance of subtle white variations, as well as a range of flower varieties and forms, white is a richly classic choice."

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