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Item of the Moment: The Business Bag by Building Block

A high concept for a startlingly simple accessory.

By Tricia Gilbride July 25, 2013

With the current fashion landscape uncommonly void, for the moment, of any particularly dominant  designer bag, there’s room for up-and-comers not associated with major fashion houses. Up-and-comers such as Building Block, for instance, a collaboration from sisters Kimberly and Nancy Wu, who proclaim a desire to "move freely in between luxury and industrial design where utilitarian materials and processes translate into minimalist forms." The line’s aptly named Business Bag reimagines the trusty leather briefcase as a tote with elegant sculptural details--and in a way that somehow makes tassels feel minimalist and totally necessary.  

Check out the bag in person at Myth & Symbol ($595) or browse the entire collection online


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