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Meet the Shopkeeper: Thuy & Tuyet Pham of WildBloom

Rice Village's latest addition focuses on feel-good fashion.

By Tricia Gilbride July 19, 2013

Thuy and Tuyet Pham

Thuy and Tuyet Pham grew up in Louisiana and came to Houston separately. Tuyet made her way here by way of work as an IBM consultant and Thuy liked the city so much after visiting she decided to pick up and join her sister. By opening WildBloom, a new womenswear boutique in Rice Village, earlier this year, you might say the sisters have officially put down roots in Houston.

I stopped by the store, appropriately decked out in colorful floral arrangements at the time, to chat with Thuy and Tuyet as I browsed through racks full of breezy blouses and night-out worthy frocks. Like the store itself, the conversation remained light-hearted casual, and even included some dating advice. 

"I would wear this on a date," said Thuy, referring to her technicolor dress from the Australian designer Finders Keepers. "Well, if I really liked the guy."

What inspired you to open the store? How did the vision of WildBloom come together?  

We saw a gap that needed to be filled. Most stores we visited carry either: classic styles (such as J.Crew or Ann Taylor), casual, or hippie, while others are more appropriate for teeny bops or seniors. We want to bring to Houston what we call the "WildBloom woman look"; eclectic styles that are trendy and fun, yet classy and tasteful, but with an exciting edge, minus the high-end department stores’ price tags. We truly believe in quality and beautiful designs. Everything you put on should be the best that it can be, and it should be flattering.

Do both of you tend to agree on fashion? Have there been any major differences in your personal style through the years or disagreement over recent trends?

We both strongly agree on the quality and how things should fit. We believe that fashion is more than just throwing on any of the latest trends. It’s also about the silhouette and how it makes you look. Tuyet goes for the dressy and structured look, sometimes a mix of romantic and flirty. Thuy is more of a polished bohemian— she likes things that are more laidback with a little edge and would live in boots all year if the weather permitted. Other times she likes to explore styles that are more daring, a little on the avant-garde side. We bring a little bit of our personal styles to the store and it gives it a nice balance.

What are some of your favorite pieces at WildBloom right now?

We love them all. Every piece is unique and perfect for different occasions. If I'm dressing up for a girls' night out, my favorite pieces are from Naven. If I want to look romantic for date night, I turn to Finders Keepers or Greylin. When I'm just going to see a movie with my sister, I throw on my favorite shorts from W118 by Walter Baker with a chambray top.

How have the first few months of being in business been?

It has been exciting especially with all the attention on WildBloom lately. We are continuously reinventing ourselves and making updates to the store layout. We repainted the walls already and rearranged the layout several times. We are learning about our clients and adjusting our selections to better tailor to their needs. People are really noticing that we are different and they appreciate the quality. We are building a great group of regulars.

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