Austin has its old, worn out, disappointingly inaccurate "Keep Austin Weird" slogan and Dallas—as pointed out in our August issue—has its disappointingly accurate "Keep Dallas Douche" slogan. Both are found on everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers, although neither has the flair or grit of Houston's own unofficial t-shirt slogan: Fuck You Houston's Awesome.

Granted, it's not for everyone. But the t-shirts, produced by local entrepreneur (and doorman at joints such as Christian's Tailgate and Poison Girl) Anthony Gassnola, have become enormously popular nevertheless. So popular, in fact, that Gassnola has been holding regular t-shirt release parties each time a run of brand-new designs is printed—and the t-shirts sell out each time.

His latest set of FYHA t-shirt designs is scheduled to be released this Saturday, September 14 at Grand Prize Bar starting at 8 p.m. This round of 80s-inspired designs includes an MTV-esque logo with the M and the TV repurposed into an H and a TX, as well as an oil derrick that looks close enough to the old Oilers logo to make Houstonians remember the good old days before Bud Adams turned on us like Old Yeller.

For each shirt you score, you'll get a free pint of 8th Wonder beer, currently on draft at Grand Prize. You'll also have the opportuntity to purchase artwork by local street artists Dual, Eyesore, Give Up, and Adrian Landon Brooks.

If you get to Grand Prize too late for a t-shirt this Saturday, don't fret: Gassnola is still selling some of the classic FYHA designs on his website, and they're currently on sale for $17 each.


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