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You Need Some Real Deal Undergarments

And other tips for dressing like a grownup.

By Sarah Gabbart September 6, 2013

It's Dress Like a Grownup Week here at Shop Talk. Yesterday we implored Houston's bro population to replace those sports jerseys with something more befitting an adult human. Now we focus on the ladies among us.

First and foremost, recognize that being a grownup is actually awesome. You know your booze limit and only rarely end up sleeping on couches when visiting friends out of state. As a bona fide adult, you’re wiser, more confident, and totally ready to upgrade your personal style with these easy tips. 

Snap to a Signature Style
The most stylish thing you can be is yourself. By this point in life, you have had many fashion wins and losses—at least enough to know what’s you and what’s not. Use this intel. Never has there been a better time to experiment (Hello inspirational fashion blogs! Hello Pinterest!) and find something that sets you apart from the crowd. Maybe it's a super-short gamine haircut or always having on a bright red accent.  Cultivate aspects of looks that appeal to you and see what you like the most, then make it your own. 

This gal has signature style down pat. Alexa Chung in all her street fashion glory. From here.

Get Nicer Undergarments
You need some real deal underwear. No, no—not the ones your significant other lusts after (but get those too, you sexy beast). The kind that looks seamless under your clothing and are comfortable enough not to need to be taken off mid-flight in an undersized bathroom. 

Glorify your beauty zone, people.

Make sure your drawer includes the following: a nude bra or two (smooth, molded cups are best), some seamless nude underpants, nude Spanx (or other compression/magic shorts to wear under dresses), and enough regular underwear and bras to last you until laundry day. Notice a trend? Nude undergarments are essential because they disappear underneath most clothing. Take it from me, everyone can see your white thong under your white pants—don’t make your mom have to tell you that at the Fourth of July picnic (in front of your grandparents). 

Find a Good Bag
Nothing says “responsible adult person” like a nice leather handbag. It’s something that allows you to hide your files and the gobs of receipts you shove into your purse while still looking pulled together. Black, brown, or tan will give you the most mileage, but a bright red or emerald green bag could be a statement piece. Not a fan of leather? Try a vegan handbag from retailers like Matt and Nat or Modcloth.

Find the look on Polyvore.

Class Up Casual Clothing
As great as jorts are, there’s something about a gal in a knit dress and simple shoes that says, “I'm casual and chic.” Just because you’re at a BBQ doesn’t mean you have to wear an old shirt and a pair of beaten-to-death sneakers. It takes the same amount of effort to slap on fitted Bermuda shorts and a breezy top as it does to dig out that *NSYNC tee you rocked in 1998.


Find the look on Polyvore.

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