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One Stop Shop: Kuhl-Linscomb

This local favorite carries pretty much everything you can think of.

By Sarah Gabbart October 16, 2013

Kuhl-Linscomb is a lot like Houston. Sprawling, diverse and disregarding price-point divides, this longtime local boutique mixes high with low, having $400 cashmere wraps mingling with gifts for under $20 and the highest of high-end skincare next to $3 European soaps.  - See more at:

Kuhl-Linscomb is a lot like Houston. Sprawling, diverse and disregarding price-point divides, this longtime local boutique mixes high with low. You'll find $400 cashmere wraps beside gifts for under $20 and the highest of high-end skincare beside $3 European soaps.

“We handpick everything,” said Dan Linscomb. “It gives a personal touch to the store—a continuity. Departments flow from one to another because they’ve all been done by the same people.”

Linscomb and his wife/business partner Pam Kuhl-Linscomb have cultivated a reputation for offering luxury items without any snooty pretense. While the boutique showcases an almost curatorial aesthetic, their quirky sense of humor is evident in the displays—all vintage collectables that Dan in particular is proud of—including a giant pair of glasses, a larger-than-life beer mug, and a tiny top-had clad figure clinging to a streetlamp while simultaneously displaying ties.

However, the real genius in this shop isn’t that they carry a lot of things or have interesting ways of showcasing them—it’s how they have turned what was once a booth at a flea market into a campus of showroom locations, each that could stand as a boutique in it’s own right. While it might be an unusual move for a successful store to roll the dice with four additional locations within the same block, that kind of risk came natural to the couple. 

“We’re not afraid to try something,” Pam Kuhl-Linscomb said. “We just do it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work!" 

“It’s God’s grace that this place has worked so well and that our campus expansion has gone so well,” Dan adds.

Kuhl-Linscomb carries everything from furniture to baby gifts to skincare products. Each showroom focuses on a different kind of product, all organized by vendor. For those new to the shop, the fact that there isn’t one store—but five—all in one place can be a bit overwhelming. Wondering which showroom carries both Hermes china and plates with tarantulas on them? Here’s a handy guide to help you find your way around.

Showrooms One and Two
A labyrinth of attached shops overlapping so well you sometimes don’t realize you’ve left the building, showrooms one and two specialize in all things home, gift and baby.

It also houses a china shop for those looking to register for a little something special. And yes, you can register for a wedding, birthday, or any-old-reason for anything Kuhl-Linscomb carries.

Showroom Three
Modern furniture, art and accessories are the main focus of this showroom. Here, some of the boutique’s most expensive items—mid-century furniture and crazy-looking German clocks—are displayed, as is a must-have for any home: a giant nest. Really. It’s amazing.

Showroom Four
The smallest of the five shops, number four is all about gift giving. Cards, small craft items, and a full-service giftwrapping shop are all housed here.

Showroom Five
Number five is the largest and most diverse part of the campus, offering gifts, skincare products, fragrances, candles, apparel, and other fun ephemera. Here you can find everything from body products from Santa Maria Novella (an over 700-year-old apothecary from Italy) and $100 Mason Pearson hairbrushes to Texas coasters and Farts in a Can. Yes that exists. You know, for the person who has everything? 

Showroom five.

Showroom Six: Coming Soon
Looking towards the future, the couple isn’t finished taking over Kirby. Kuhl-Lindscomb has purchased the historic Penguin Arms building, which will become the sixth showroom on their campus and feature modern furniture to complement the Arthur Moss-designed building.

The Penguin Arms.


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