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The Fitting, Part Deux: J. Hilburn Returns to Houstonia

Will Ryan's shirt fit? Will the custom clothier deliver on its promise?

By Peter Holley October 30, 2013

A couple of months back Stephanie Lindstrom, a local representative from J. Hilburn—the luxury men's custom clothing brand based in Dallas—dropped by our office to fit our very own Ryan Tietz (pictured below) for a dress shirt. Ryan is known around the office for favoring colors found primarily in Fruit Loops. Not surprisingly, he has very specific taste in fit and style.

From dozens of potential patterns and fits, he opted for a shirt with a traditional cut, a light blue stitch pattern, a classic collar, and mitered front pocket. His custom shirt ran him about $130. We promised to document the shirt's arrival to find out whether J. Hilburn would live up to its reputation. Check out our suspenseful and ellipsis-heavy photo essay below:

 Stephanie arrived bearing a lovely black box with nice gold lettering. Everyone in the room let out a collective gasp!

 After several months of waiting, Ryan could barely look ...

Alas, the transfer went smoothly ...

Ryan disappeared into the bathroom and returned to feel out his new threads.

He was a big fan of the cuffs ...

 And the buttons ...

 The collar was indeed classic, with enough strength to remain upright ...

 In the end, Ryan said he was a satisfied customer. In fact, he's already planning his next pattern.

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