Meet the Shopkeepers

Kids' Resale, Minus the Bins

A Heights-based kids resale shop that feels like an upscale boutique.

By Kerry H. November 5, 2013

The laid-back owners of the Heights-based kid’s resale shop Thread, Kari Burdick and Rebecca Clemmer, have been friends since they were kids—fourth graders, to be exact, growing up in the Woodlands. Both studied retail merchandising at UT, where they worked together at By George, then went their separate ways. In 2008, Kari had twin boys named Miles and Oliver. Rebecca followed up with sons Lucas, in 2010, and Liam, in 2012. “Especially after having twins,” says Burdick, “I said, ‘This is crazy. They are growing out of their clothes so fast. What do I do with this stuff?’”

What they did was start a consignment shop in Kari’s garage apartment, sending out a mass email to local parents inviting them to visit by appointment. In 2011 they moved into their first retail space, on 19th street, and just this March, they moved into a light-filled space right off 19th, on Rutland and behind Langford Market.

Stylish toddler prepares for rain

“We felt like something was missing,” explains Burdick. “There was a need for a kid’s resale shop that felt like a boutique, not going in and digging through bins. We look for the nicer brands and make sure things aren’t stained or faded.”

Thread sells new items, like chewbead necklaces meant for moms to wear and babies to munch, and Early Rider self-balancing bikes. It also—despite the daughter-less Burdick and Clemmer clans—has a girl’s section as expansive as the boy’s. “We get this girl stuff in here, and we are just drooling over the pink,” says Clemmer. “The pink side kills us.” For more from Thread, check out the slideshow above. 

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