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Leap Into 2014: Futuristic Interior Design with Leolux

The controversial Dutch design house aims to provoke.

By Peter Holley December 30, 2013

The gift-giving has officially ended, sure, but there's no better time to start redecorating than the New Year. Bored of the usual Pottery Barn/ Restoration Hardware offerings? Let us direct your attention to Leolux, the dutch design House known for creating chairs and tables that people like to call "sculptural." 

Is that a good thing? That's up to you, of course. The company has always considered itself to be aware of the current political, social and cultural climate, setting loose its ever-changing fleet of artists to design accordingly. That means being "green" and "sustainable," but also tapping into unusual aeshetics that aren't necessarily meant for the masses. In Houston, you can find some of the company's latest work at Cantoni, the contemporary furniture retailer and design studio on Westheimer in Memorial.

In our humble opinion, the pieces are at their best when they look as if they were plucked from the lair of a vintage James Bond villain (Like the Darius Armchair top).

Othertimes, however, they scream for attention, like an adolescent seeking shock value. This is the case with the Pallone Chair (left), which looks like the result of Ikea approaching Mugatu — Will Ferrell's character from Zoolander — and handing him the keys to the factory. Perhaps it's more comfortable than it looks. In 2014, you can be the judge of that.



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