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Shirt Designer to Dome-Haters: Come and Take It

Two Texas symbols, one statement tee.

By Sydney Lopez January 16, 2014

Image: Houstorian

Is the Astrodome becoming an amusement park? Turning into a casino? Or getting knocked down by Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball? Although the outcome of our city’s beloved landmark is still unknown, you can show the world you’re for preserving the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” with one of these locally-designed shirts.

Houstorian, an local history website-cum-online T-shirt company, has made a graphic tee with the oh-so-Texan slogan “Come and Take It” accompanying a simple line drawing of the iconic Astrodome. You may have seen a very similar tee while surfing the Net from an Austin-based T-shirt company called Rowdy Gentleman, but the original design belongs to Houstorian. Plus, at $24.70, Houstorian's version is even a few bucks cheaper. If the dome goes down, we hope Houstorian will be ready with the next version: "They Came and Took It." 

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