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Good News! This Typo-Ridden Handbag Is On Sale

Because you're much too smart to pay full price.

By Tricia Gilbride January 3, 2014

Literary accessories are super trendy; witness this Lady Chatterley's Lover clutch from Olympia Le-Tan, or peruse these (more wallet-friendly) sweatshirts from Out of Print Clothing. People wear T-shirts emblazoned with sports team logos and band names, so why not show sartorial enthusiasm for a good book?

A word of advice, however: if you're going to be dressing and accesorizing to showcase your sophisticated interests, do some proofreading. The "Required Reading Index Organizer" from Kate Spade (down to $178 from $298) is meant to look like a library card catalog to help you find books by "Austin" and "Bronte"–presumably Jane Austen (with an "e") and the Brontë sisters.  But maybe I'm just making snap judgments. It's totally possible that this has nothing to do with Pride & Prejudice, and this handbag is actually meant to honor Christian fiction author Lynn Austin.  



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