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Ten Houston Instagramers You Should Be Following

Instant inspiration for food, fashion, and travel.

By Sydney Lopez April 22, 2014

You may associate Instagram with teenage girls, but it's now one of the top five social networks used by adults. Granted, plenty of those adults are (ab)using the app for gym selfies and bubble bath photos, but there are also a lot of users with a real talent for iPhonography. Houston’s best document our architecture, food, fashion, events, and, most importantly, the coolest walls in front of which to pose. In no particular order, here’s our list of Houston’s top Instagramers to follow:

1. The Andersons
    (@hannahandersonn / @joshuandrson / @sophiaandersonx)

In addition to being incredibly fashionable, each of these siblings takes innovative portraits, ranging from people on skyscraper rooftops to people with entire pizzas on their faces. 

2. William Wood (@williamgeoffrey)

Wood specializes in capturing the beauty of often-overlooked spaces in Houston. 

3. Kailey Thompson (@kaileythompson)

The Houstonian and University of Texas student posts from Houston, Austin, and around the world. No matter where she is, her work is consistently fresh. 

4. Leah Raiffeisen (@leahraiffeisen)

Raiffeisen posts whatever she wants from whatever she's doing that day, whether it's making homemade pop tarts, taking portraits, or lounging around with her cat. Also, how cool is that haircut?

5. John Dunaway (@abstractconformity)

Dunaway is a sailor who spends half of his year home in Houston and the other half capturing views of his life out at sea. It must take serious skill to take photos like these without losing an iPhone to a monstrous wave.

6. Carra Sykes (@carrasykes)

Posting primarily portraits, Sykes has developed her own personal series of portraits using the hashtag #cswesandersonwednesday in which she posts a photo every Wednesday paying homage to, you guessed it, the films of Wes Anderson. 

7. John Theo (@johnatheo)

Being "a major fan of monotonous photos and things," Theo's posts show appreciation for simple spaces, such as a colorblocked wall covered in graffiti, electrical boxes, and vines. And then there's the occasional red umbrella.

8. Kelly VanDevender (@kellynphoto)

VanDevender takes a lot of lifestyle photos, but she has a true talent for still life. Whether it's a fog-covered Houston skyline or a batch of oranges at a general store, she makes it look like art.

9. Max Burkhalter (@maxburkhalter)

The VSCO Cam-obsessed (and ocassional Houstonia contributor!) Burkhalter specializes in soulful portraits. 

10. Morgan Lamkin (@morganlamkin)

Lamkin hardly ever posts people, but she shares the most beautiful shots from nature instead; beaches, dogwood trees, and travel scenery galore. 

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