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10 Fashion Bloggers to Follow, Part One

Do yourself a favor and add these fashionable Houstonians to your Feedly reader.

By Sarah Gabbart May 19, 2014

When all it takes to join the game is a Wordpress login and an iPhone, it's no wonder the interweb is inundated with "fashion bloggers." The crisis is perhaps best encapsulated by one critic on Facebook who says, “Everyone is a ‘fashion blogger’ these days. Yawn.”

Yawn, indeed. Bloggers come it all shapes and sizes, from your mom (whom you love, but, puh-lease!) to your wacky neighbor and probably even the non-wacky one too. Everyone's striking a pose in front of a brick wall (it's so "street chic") or a shrubbery because the texture is a nice contrast to his/her pants. Not that I’ve done that before (I have done that before).

Yes—anyone can be a fashion blogger, but not everyone can get it right. Here are the first five (out of 10!) stylish Houston bloggers that stand out from the crowd.

10. High Heels and Handlebars/Lyndsey Zorich

Photo via High Heels and Handlebars.

Her blonde hair shines in photos. Her clothes are the perfect mix of preppy and chic. Her babies: adorable. 

While this lifestyle blog could be just that—a peek into someone’s beautiful life—it goes further. Zorich’s ability to use trends to embellish her uptown wardrobe like a Vogue editor will keep you checking back again and again.

9. The Shoe Diet/Tamar Mendelssohn

Photo by Julie Soefer via The Shoe Diet.

A former Elements of Style subject, Mendelssohn has an eye for high fashion and a knack for mixing it with inexpensive items to create a killer look.

With a wicked sense of humor and an arsenal of clothing from her day job at Tootsies, Mendelssohn’s posts are as fun to read as they are to look at.

8. She’s So Overdressed/Lillian Henny

Photo via She's So Overdressed.

Henny blends work-appropriate power looks (think bright blazers and perfectly fitted pencil skirts) with hip weekend wear. 

Bright, beautiful, and curve-conscious, the ensembles she pulls together are just as cool as the lady herself. 

7. Live Life in Style/Shalanda “Shasie” Turner

Photo by Jay Marroquin via Live Life in Style.

Turner, an engineer-cum-fashion blogger is worth following based on her prolific posting schedule alone, but her well-rounded coverage of fashion and style topics—product reviews, fashion tips, event recaps, and even interviews—will keep you clicking through.

6. Morning Cup of Style/Dee Brown

Photo via Morning Cup of Style.

Another stylish Houstonian featured in our Elements of Style profile last year, Brown has continued to grow her blog to cover beauty and lifestyle items (like gifts!), as well as fashion and style.

Described as “a fashion site for those who adore simplicity,” Brown’s blog shows off how she makes simple silhouettes pop with playful, out-of-the-ordinary accessories.

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