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Lip Service: Pixi Shae Butter Lip Balm Review

This balm adds creamy color for spring and summer.

By Katie McNew May 21, 2014

Shae Butter Lip Balm, Pixi by Petra, $8

Do you Birchbox? I do. I was gifted a subscription last Christmas, and I'm kind of obsessed. Like, a lot. I love samples. I love reading the labels. I love the hope that each item brings (maybe this will be the wonder cream I didn't even know I needed but now I definitely, definitely do). Pathetic? Maybe. But it's my guilty pleasure and at least I don't watch the Kardashians (usually), so lay off.

Anyway, this month in my Birchbox package, I got a stick of Shae Butter Lip Balm by Pixi. Let me start by saying I'm mostly a chapstick girl. I go for a nice gloss (these are my faves, FYI) if I'm getting fancy. But I've always wanted to be a lipstick girl. I love color, but it hardly ever works on me. Plus, lipstick almost always dries out my lips. (I know: #firstworldproblems.) But, this doesn't. It goes on smooth and feels just like a chapstick. And what I really love about it is the color. I've tried other tinted chapsticks (hi!), but with this one, the color is more like a lip stain (reminds me of this minus the "outlast" part), which, to me, gives a more natural, sheer look. You know, it's your lips but with color. And to add another check in the pros column, the color doesn't run.

Though there are some more muted tones in the collection, the bold pinks and coral are perfect for the spring and summer months. I'm going to pick up the Ripe Raspberry ('cause Lord knows this Coral Crush they sent me is not working with my skin tone) and maybe even the Pixi Pink. Summer lip wardrobe (yes, that's a thing), check!


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