Packing Light

Beach Weekend in a Bag

All you need for an overnighter on the island.

By Katie McNew June 30, 2014

Beach Weekend in a Bag



One of the best things about Houston is Galveston. It's right there! When city life gets hectic, take a 45-minute drive (yeah, yeah, depending on traffic), and you're on island time. In fact, I kind of want to go right now. But I won't. Because it's Monday. ... Aaaaanyway, packing for a quick overnighter on the island is a snap.

Start with a big tote, something cute that'll work both as a beach bag and as a purse. Pick a suit (a belly-baring bikini or something more modest), then add a sarong that "goes" but doesn't "match." Comprende? 

I love a big cotton sarong. It's the perfect cover-up, plus it doubles as a beach blanket. And, because it'll dry quickly, you can wear it with a cute tank for apre-beach activities. For footwear, go with a sandal that can handle the beach but is still cute for cruising the Strand. 

Pack two small cosmetics cases, one for a toothbruch and a touch of makeup (you'll be practicing your minimalist look this weekend—mascara, blush, lip gloss), and the other for your beach stuff, like sunscreen and SPF chapstick. Throw in a cute pair of pajamas—because mis-matched junky tees and old boxer shorts are decidedly not—and an extra sundress for the next day, and you're good to go! That's your beach vacation in a bag!

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