The year was 2012. We had the Olympics. We had the election. And we had bangs. Ev. Re. Where. I too sported them because I am cool and hip and with-it the look took me next to no time to style. I'd pop a bun on top of my dome, take the point-four seconds it took to dry the fringe, and voila! Insta-style.

But now, sigh, it's 2014. I'm over it. My forehead tickles. My eyes itch. It's time for the bangs to go bye-bye. But that's more easily said than done. After much research (read: 30 minutes this morning) and consultation with "the Google," I've surmised that there are four stages to a graceful grow-out. 

  1. You've decided bangs are so two thousand and late, so you skip your first trim. To keep your fringe from your eyes, grab a round brush and give them a little curl. No, I'm not talking '80s curl and spray. This is just a little bump that'll buy you a week or two.
  2. When the curl no longer cuts it, pick a part. As this article says, an angled part will help disguise an awkward length. 
  3. After the angle, it's time to get a trim. A good stylist will be able to blend your bangs into the rest of your hair, so the remainder of your grow-out will indeed be graceful.
  4. And, finally it's time to pin it, band it, braid it, twist it. Now that you have a little extra length, you can get creative with your styling. There are a million tutorials on YouTube (I'll be trying this one later).


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