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Go Commando

Invisible-edge underwear for you to wear under there.

By Katie McNew June 26, 2014

I've got this great summer dress. It's mostly white with a thick block of tan and another of pink at the bottom, and it's made from super-soft cotton. All of these things make it a great summer dress, possibly even the perfect summer dress, except there's this one glaring problem: the VPL. Yes, because it's mostly white and made from that super-soft cotton, the dreaded visible panty line is all I, and anyone within a 20-foot radius, can see. As such, my would-be perfect summer dress has been relegated to the bathing-suit cover-up category. Alas.

But (cue inspiring trumpeting), there is hope of my beloved dress breaking through to regular rotation. Enter Commando, the original invisible-edge underwear. Their "bikini" might just be the answer to my dress dilemma. Not only is it made from some pretty fancy microfiber, and not only does it feature Commando's signature invisible edge, but it also comes in a wider range of skin tones, which is especially important with a white dress. Starting with a light nude, Commando offers three more tones, including true nude, dark nude, and mocha. 

I'm feeling really good about my chances with these briefs. What do you think? Have you ever tried Commando undergarments? Do you think they're the answer to my dress dilemma?

Also, I just saw that they have a control-top brief. (Not sayin' that I need 'em. Just sayin' they're available, and if I someone were to, say, attend a Fourth of July barbecue feast, they might just be perfect.) 

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