Gentleman's Club

Polos for the Texas Gentleman

The Tejas Yacht Club is all about high-quality apparel sans the stuffy 'tude.

By Katie McNew June 19, 2014

In the words of their web site, "if you like the finer things in life but don't feel the need to be an a-hole about it, Tejas Yacht Club's fine gentlemen stuff might be for you."

I mean, who doesn't that appeal to?

Founder Greg Kewekordes, who works in advertising by day (ah, that's why the branding is so great!), wanted a fun line of polos, and he saw a niche in the market. 

"There are a lot of clean-cut, preppy-guy-looking-off-into-the-distance brands out there," he says, "and I wanted to go in another direction." Think laid back and down to earth. If the company were a bar, it would be a classy joint where a Texas yachtsman might enjoy a cold one and a few pounds of crawfish. (I want to go to there, btw.) 

Yes, they have t-shirtscaps, and the beloved croakie, but it's really all about the polos for this company. They're made from Tanguis cotton, beloved for its breathability, and they feature the company insignia, a classy martini-glass-emblazoned pennant, on the chest.

For as laid back as the branding is, Kewekordes's work developing the perfect, high-end polo was decidedly not. "I spent over two years going back and forth with prototypes to make sure the shirts themselves are top notch," says Kewekordes.

So, that's it. High-quality shirts without the snobbery. You can pick one up at R. Rose Clothier's downtown or on their web site


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